About the staff

We at mekanix are shifting roles. Sometimes we are editors, sound engineers, photographers or animators.
Sometimes producers or directors. Our expertise is broad, and we have experience to be active in various professional roles.

Andja Arneback

Director, educated at Biskops Arno and the Dramatic Institute. Active in Gothenburg since 1997. Andja is an experienced video photographer and editor of documentaries.
Also works as a teacher and lecturer on documentary film and cinematic storytelling.

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Erik Jeppsson

Producer, educated at Biskops Arno and Gothenburg University.
Working as light and sound designer in Gothenburg since 1990.
Erik directs, edits, animates film, designs sound for film and works as a teacher of sound and editing.

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Marcus Johansson

Animator and sound designer. Educated at Studium.
Marcus edits, do sound design and animations. With his background as a programmer, he handles many computer programs, including After Effects and Final Cut.

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